Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Academic Programs

     The Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI offers a wide range of program options for graduate education to meet individual interests, academic and professional objectives, and career aspirations. Talented engineers and scientists with specialized skills and research expertise plus access to modern facilities and well-equipped laboratories drive innovative and collaborative multi-disciplinary research efforts in engineering, technology, medicine, and energy within the school and amongst schools across the university. 

Partnerships with local industries provide our students with wonderful opportunities to work on actual industrial research projects. 

Programs of study offered include Master's degree programs, accelerated combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, graduate certificates as well as Ph.D. programs.  With the exception of Music Technology and Music Therapy, which are Indiana University degree programs, all other graduate degree and certificate level engineering and technology programs offered in the School are Purdue University approved academic programs.  Upon successful completion of the Purdue programs, students are awarded Purdue University degrees and certificates.  Students may enroll full-time or part-time in many of the programs. A large number of classes are offered in the early evening hours with online option available for select courses.