Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Requesting Software

CNC offers limited support for intallation of certain software packages. If you are faculty, staff, involved in research, or are a graduate student, please fill out a service request form. Be sure to select "Install Software" under "Problem Detail," otherwise the request generated by the form may not be sent to the appropriate place.

In the past, CNC has provided a list of available software, often with the result of unnecessary applications being installed. Beginning Fall 2014, CNC will no longer provide such a list and asks that you first decide which applications you will require before submitting your request.

In order to process these requests efficiently, please submit your requests 90 days before the beginning of the semester. Be sure to inlcude as much detail as possible as vague requests require CNC to contact you for the details, stalling the process. For example, instead of simply saying "MATLAB", say "latest version of MATLAB for research use." Consider including your CAS username as we can install the software remotely the purpose for which you will use the software to help us assign the correct license.