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Backing Up Research Data to the Scholarly Data Archive

All research data must be backed up to the Scholarly Data Archive (SDA). While CNC makes every effort to ensure data is reliably stored and protected, hardware failure, accidently user deletion, file corruption and other disasters can and do occur. CNC recommends backing up your data at minimum once per month. You may do it more frequently if you create new data often or after each large run or project.

The Indiana University Scholarly Data Archive (SDA) provides extensive capacity (approximately 42 PB of tape overall) for storing and accessing research data. The SDA is a distributed storage service co-located at IU data centers in Bloomington and Indianapolis, providing IU researchers with large-scale archival or near-line data storage, arranged in large files, with automatic off-site copies of data for disaster recovery. The SDA is a tape-based system, unsuitable for real-time editing in general. It is also highly recommended to send one larger file rather than several smaller file using ‘tar’ (Linux) or ‘zip’ (Windows).