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Jing Zhang

  • Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Jing Zhang

SL 260
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  • Drexel University, Materials Science and Engineering, Ph.D., 07/2004
  • Beihang University, Manufacturing Engineering, B.A., 03/1999
  • University of Science and Technology Beijing, Metal Forming, B.A., 07/1996


(1) Structure-property correlations of ceramic, high-temperature alloy, and microelectronic materials. (2) Modeling and simulations of multi-scale and mulch-physics coupled phenomena


(1) Additive manufacturing or 3D printing; (2) Renewable energy (thermal barrier coating, lithium ion battery, hydrogen transport membrane, solid oxide fuel cell); (3) Multi-scale modeling (finite element method, discrete element method, molecular dynamics, ab initio method); (4)Coupled phenomena (thermal and electrical properties, mass transport), and their applications to processing (additive manufacturing, powder metallurgy, compaction and sintering, metal forming); and (5)Ceramic materials for biomedical and power generation applications.