Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Nanosystems Principles

ME 52301 / 3 Cr. (3 Class)

This is the introductory course in the nanosystems area.  It introduces students to the principles and applications of nanosystems. The course begins with an introduction to the nanometer scale phenomena. It then introduces students to the basic elements resulting in nanosystems: nanoscale materials, processes, and devices. It also provides students with a basic understanding of the tools and approaches that are used for the measurement and characterization of nanosystems, and their modeling and simulation.  Moreover, the course covers the applications of nanosystems in a wide range of industries, including information technology, energy, medicine, and consumer goods. The course concludes with a discussion of the societal and economical significance of these applications, including benefits and potential risks.

Primary Track: Materials, Energy


Introduction to Nanoscale Science and Technology, Ventra, Evoy and Helfin, Springer, 1st Edition

  • Understand the fundamental aspects of the field of nanotechnology, and analyze its wide range of applications and impact on the world economy 
  • Apply knowledge from interdisciplinary areas of math and science into the nanosystems, integrating various disciplines such as biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering 
  • Apply atomic/molecular scale devices and design into integrated nanosystems related to information technology, energy, and medicine 
  • Identify the terminology, equipment, and design methodology used in the fabrication, and characterization of nanosystems 
  • Recognize and discuss the societal and economical significance of nanosystems applications, including benefits and potential risks 
  • Read and analyze the literature, and communicate effectively in written and oral presentations in topics related to nanosystems 
  • Apply critical thinking and creativity to resolve engineering design issues using nanoscale devices and systems 
  • Introduction to Nanoscale Phenomena
  • Manifestation of novel phenomena and properties at nanoscale
  • Nanoscale Materials
  • Nanoscale Processes and Fabrication Methods
  • Nanoscale Devices and Integrated Nanosystems
  • Nanosystems Measurement and Characterization
  • Nanosystems Modeling and Simulation
  • Nanosystems Applications