Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Intermediate Fluid Mechanics

ME 50900 / 3 Cr. (3 Class)

Fluid properties, basic laws for a control volume, kinematics of fluid flow, dynamics of frictionless incompressible flow, basic hydrodynamics, equations of motion of viscous flow, viscous flow applications, boundary layer theory, wall turbulence, and lift and drag of immersed bodies.

Primary Track: Fluid & Thermal Sciences, Energy


Viscous Fluid Flow, White, McGraw-Hill, any edition is acceptable

  • Derive partial differential equations of continuity, momentum, and energy for compressible and incompressible flows
  • Apply control volume theory for solution of inviscid and viscous flows
  • Solve partial differential equations of selected external and internal flow problems 
  • Compare and use different levels of flow approximations use simplified models when necessary
  • Solve external and internal flow problems 
  • Solve boundary layer, laminar, and turbulent flow problems
  • Solve similarity transformation equations numerically using Runge-Kutta methods 
  • Compute lift, drag, and separation for viscous flows
  • Make use of numerical and/or empirical methods when analytical methods fail
  • Preliminary concepts fluid mechanics
  • Fundamental equations of compressible viscous flows 
  • Inviscid flows 
  • Solution of the Newtonian viscous-flow equations 
  • Laminar boundary layers 
  • Incompressible turbulent flows