Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Industrial Energy Assessment: Tools and Applications

ME 50103 / 3 Cr. (3 Class)

This course synthesizes advanced energy efficiency, energy auditing, and energy assessment methods and practices. Several types of industrial audits will be analyzed with respect to the methods, tools (hand and software), and industrial applications. Topics include: the audit process for energy, industrial productivity, and waste stream audits; audit components: energy bill analysis and economic analysis; audit system mechanics related to building envelop, electrical system, HVAC system, waste heat recovery, lighting, cogeneration, and other prevalent industrial systems; and measurement instrumentation issues for each industrial system. Students will enhance learning from a class project, which requires completion of an industrial scale energy audit.


Guide to Energy Management, Capehart, Turner and Kennedy, Fairmount Press, latest edition. Handbook of Energy Audits, Thumann, Younger, and Niehus, Fairmont Press, latest edition.  

  1. Synthesize the concepts, terminology, and industrial applications of various energy sources.
  2. Identify key parameters representing the energy usage and energy efficiency assessment.
  3. Demonstrate appropriate and accurate measurements using portable metrology equipment.
  4. Compute energy from different measurement systems and convert or translate the values of different forms of energy
  5. Justify calculations using engineering principles.
  6.  Understand the need for safety in the workplace.
  7. Work alone and in teams to investigate topics, research efficiency improvements, write reports, and make presentations on a specified energy topic.
  8. Utilize statistical methods and/or software packages to determine/predict inefficient energy use and to design/develop energy/environment/cost efficient solutions.
  • Building energy cost control
  • Utility DSM programs and deregulation
  • Energy efficiency and peak demand reduction,  and commercial business energy cost control Industrial plant operation improvement by:
  • Safety and conducting an energy audit & energy audit instrumentation
  • Energy and electric rate structures
  • Energy accounting and economic analysis
  • Audit systems mechanics
  • Energy codes and standards, green buildings, leed® & energy star