Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Design of Mechanisms

ME 37200 / 3 Cr. (3 Class)

This course presents fundamental concepts on kinematics and dynamic analysis of linkages and mechanical systems; analytical and graphical approaches to analysis; vector loop and relative velocity/acceleration solutions; design and analysis of cams and gears.


Mechanics of Machines, Cleghorn and Nikolai, Oxford, 2nd or later Edition.

  • Velocity and acceleration analysis as an integral part in the process of design
  • Static and dynamic force analysis as an integral part in the process of design
  • Design of mechanisms and mechanical components such as cams, gears, springs, screws, and clutches, which meet given design criteria, including strength requirements
  • Design of mechanical systems such as cam-followers and gear train, which meet key performance requirements, including motion and dynamic performance
  • Develop effective/professional written and oral communication skills through report writing and oral presentation


  • Identify the mechanical system that satisfies the given engineering requirements 
  • Describe the necessary assumptions in designing mechanical systems 
  • Apply proper engineering principles and theories to solve open-ended design problems 
  • Perform kinematic and dynamic analyses using both graphical and analytical techniques 
  • Perform mechanism analysis and simulation using computer tools 
  • Evaluate the performance of mechanical systems 
  • Design linkages, cams, gears and other machine elements for both motion and strength requirements 
  • Communicate design work through written report and oral presentation 
  • Conduct Library/Internet search of patents and literature 
  • Explain the potential of designed mechanical systems on environment and society, including safety
  • Kinematic analysis: fundamentals, position, velocity and acceleration
  • Static and dynamic force analysis
  • Design and analysis of cams
  • Design and analysis of gears and gear trains
  • Design and analysis of linkages and other mechanisms
Design Tools
CAE tool for modeling, design and analysis (e.g., Matlab, I-Deas, Pro/Engineer)