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Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Computer Engineering Technology

The degree is Engineering Technology, the career is Engineering.

With Computer Engineering Technology at IUPUI, learn to design, develop, and implement the computer-based applications that drive society. From embedded microprocessors, to memory systems, software, and PCs – computer technology is revolutionizing the way people live and work.  Apply your computer engineering technology know-how to influence the technology of everyday life: handheld electronics, medical equipment, auto electronics, robotics, industrial controllers, networks, smartphones, or new technology not yet in the stores.

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Degrees Offered:

Why Computer Engineering Technology at IUPUI? 

  • Our graduates do well in the market place: in 2011, the average salary of our new CpET graduates was $52,167 – exceeding the national average of $48,300 for Information Technology* (*National data not available for comparison on CpET. Source: PayScale, Inc., 2011)
  • Our faculty expertise and course offerings focus on ICT-based (Information, Communications and Technology) curriculum.
  • Our urban location gives many opportunities for real life experience: many students work in the field while attending classes
  • Our medium class size of 20 allows students to work closely with faculty
  • We have a large, vibrant program: IUPUI awards the second highest number of Engineering Technology Bachelor’s degrees in the nation (Only Ferris State University graduates more)

Common Careers for Graduates: 

  • Applications Engineer
  • System Software Engineer
  • Telecom Engineer
  • Test Engineer
  • Facility Engineer
  • Network Engineer

Student Resources:

General Education Electives (for students admitted before Fall 2013)

Technical Electives (for students admitted before Fall 2013)

General Education Common Core (for students admitted Fall 2013 and later)

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